Tips and Tricks

    The key is the White Outer Diffusion Panel (i.e. the one with the black Velcro®). Follow the Velcro strip until you reach a corner. Look carefully and you'll see a small pocket sewn into the corner. Each corner has one. Remember those pockets.

    1. Unpack the softbox. Unroll the 3 fabric pieces: Black Hood, White Inner Baffle, White Outer Diffusion panel.

    2. Loosen the thumbscrew on the stand and set up the stand by lowering the legs ring to the desired height. Re-tighten the thumbscrew.

    3. Install the socket head on the stand.

    4. Slide the black fabric hood over the socket ring by expanding the elastic around the center hole. Leave it hanging.

    5. Press the narrow side Velcro of the outer white diffusion panel to the lower narrow side Velcro of the black hood. Leave both hanging.

    6. Insert all four prop rods through the small white Velcro tabs inside the black hood and into the socket head tubes. The two lower rod ends go into the lower two pockets in the Velcro of the outer white diffusion panel to keep them in place for now.

    7. Install the inner white baffle by pressing the Velcro corner tabs to the white Velcro tabs inside the black hood.

    8. Now, carefully bending each in turn, install the upper rods into the appropriate pockets of the Velcro of the white outer diffusion panel, bending all four rods equally.

    9. Pull the hood over the rods. This will provide shape to the black hood.

    10.Install the lamp bulb. Seal the Velcro all around the edge of the black hood.

    Note: we prefer to install the bulb last to avoid the chance of breaking it. Also, Velcro is a registered trademark.